What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

The Boise Film Foundation will begin to build an infrastructure that will serve creatives in Boise and beyond. The most exciting and immediately beneficial to the community will be the fiscal sponsorship program. Fiscal sponsorship is an arrangement between an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an individual or entity lacking the legal status needed to receive grants from foundations, individual donors and government agencies.

The fiscal sponsor agrees to provide administrative services and oversight to, and assume limited legal and financial responsibility for, the activities of groups or individuals engaged in work that furthers the fiscal sponsor’s mission, in this case, to champion creative independence in visual storytelling and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision.

The clearest, though not the only, benefit to participating in fiscal sponsorship is that individuals are able to access charitable funding for their project while forgoing the time consuming and expensive process of creating and running a 501(c)(3) organization themselves. This especially applies to independent filmmakers for whom setting up a nonprofit for a particular project is rarely necessary.

If you are interested in receiving Fiscal Sponsorship for your project, email Molly@BoiseFilmFoundation.org.