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How do we create meaning in our lives?


This is the central question of Greg Green’s new film, MAGPIE FUNERAL.  When the drudgery of Sy McMurphy’s life is shattered by a sudden accident, he first feels the bite of mortality. Will he persevere at his quest against long odds and muster the will and courage to succeed in life and love? MAGPIE FUNERAL shows that while tragedy may strike suddenly and unexpectedly, so can love and opportunity.


Produced by Zach Allen

Directed by Greg Green


Combat veterans bring home their war trauma, which is then visited upon their families. This documentary finally gives voice to the wives of these men. As in all wars, the wives celebrate victory and endure defeat.

Produced and directed by

Betty Rodgers and Ken Rodgers

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After the complicated birth of her first child, Helen feels isolated and estranged from her doctor husband in their new home. She   struggles to rediscover a sense of freedom in an unforgiving and rugged landscape, to connect with those around her before she loses herself completely.

Directed by Neil Brookshire






How did America’s plan for eating right get it so wrong?

Big Fat Lie reveals how the United States government relied on questionable evidence to support one of the most damaging public health recommendations in the history of our country: the “low fat diet.”

The vilification of saturated fat is the Big Fat Lie told to Americans for decades.  If you eat fat, you’ll get fat, that’s the mantra of our government and health agencies. But the state-sponsored “low fat” diet has led to skyrocketing rates of obesity and a diabetes epidemic.

Big Fat Lie reveals how bad science, propped up by the food industry, led an entire nation to adopt an unproven hypothesis as dietary dogma.  Along the way, we learn how nutrition science got it so wrong and how America’s nutritional guidelines have done far more harm than good.

Directed by: Jennifer Isenhart

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